AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP is a company that is wholly dedicated to the usage of quality management system as a system of work which is with high importance and on maximum level. The main goal of this company is to satisfy the client’s needs and their expectations, through offering high quality products and services at produce of components made of plastic materials by the principle of injecting and extrusion. The quality management system according to the Standard ISO 9001:2015 constantly is supervised and upgraded, toward to be accomplished the politics and the goals of the company. The high level of the Quality Management System is base of the working and constant upgrading of the company.

MISSION – Company which provides high-quality products made of plastic material and which contains to improve the quality of the products and services.

VISIONRecognizable leader at the Balkan region which produces different plastic components for different sectors.

  • AFIX PLAST LDT PRILEP declares that the main goal of the management and the staff is giving quality products and services to their clients that responses to the normative requirements.
  • AFIX PLAST LDT PRILEP will keep truck of the level of satisfaction of its clients and will study and fulfill their recommends, requirements and complaints in order to use them to improve its products and services.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP maintains long-term and quality cooperation with their clients, suppliers, partners and other related sides in order to provide quality products and services.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP Endeavour to maintain high-qualified and motivated team and takes care for welfare and pleasant productive ambient, where every worker should be aware of its activities in order to satisfies the requirements of the clients and the well-being of the company.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP will take care for permanent training and educating staff as a base support of the Quality Management System.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP obligates in identification of the risks and opportunities and taking corrective measures for constant promotion of the quality of the products and services.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP uses process period in implementing and maintaining the Quality Management System according to the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard and in that case takes identification, planning, sets, controls and continues to improve the processes which have influence to the quality of the products and services.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP guaranties to their clients loyal and correct relationship and maximum fulfilling the arrangements according to the deadline.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP obligates in filling the legal requirements for protection and managing with the environment and protection of health and work safety.
  • AFIX PLAST LTD PRILEP makes efforts for protecting the health and safety during all business activities.